Robin looked in my closet, and put together red carpet looks with pieces that I already had that I would have never put together. She gave new life to my wardrobe. She thought outside the box and helped me to look at all of things I already owned in a new and exciting way. She is current and on trend and has a tremendous knowledge of her field. She also makes you feel so comfortable and confident. Love, Love, Love! Thank you Robin!

-Ali Landry, wife, mother and actress

I am the rare woman, who cannot stand clothes shopping. I never know what I like, I can't figure out how to put clothes together and am accessory phobic. Robin Saperstein changed all that. She makes shopping fun, has pushed me outside of my normal box, has made me stylish but I still feel like myself. Life is so much less stressful when I can go into my closet, know that everything looks good and have options. Initially the idea of a stylist sounded so oddly extravagant but after working with Robin, I can honestly say she is worth her weight in gold. The time saved plus always having the right thing to wear is truly life changing.

– Randi Hiller, casting director

Initially I believed that hiring a stylist was an indulgent treat but in working with Robin I quickly realized it that it was actually a very wise investment that would save me thousands over the years to come. Robin simplified and organized my closet in a way that made me look and feel fresh and stylish before I even bought anything new.   In a very short period of time she gave me an understanding of clothes, fashion, and how to make them work for my body, my lifestyle, and myself, in a way I was unable to do in my 37 years of trying on my own.   I no longer stare in my closet wishing I could put together an outfit because now I can, and I do.  The confidence booster is worth the price of admission alone.

Robin is professional, honest, funny, and extremely talented at what she does.  I would recommend her to my best friends and certainly to you!

-Dani Spies, wife, mother, health counselor/weight loss coach

I had the best experience with Robin Saperstein, from High Heel in a Haystack. She came over to help me make sense out of my closet. She helped me purge clothing that I have not gotten rid of, literally in about 10+ years. Because I was ALWAYS pregnant or JUST post pregnancy for about 8 of those years, my sizes varied drastically and I still had clothing in my closet that were 3 sizes too big! Needless to say, it was a disaster! I couldn't find anything and truly ended up wearing 2-3 things over and over. Thanks to Robin, now everything in my closet up to date with the current style,  AND they fit and are easily accessible. I HIGHLY recommend her – she is a breath of fresh air and welcome in my house anytime! Here are the before and after photos of my closet:  http://levinsonfamily.blogspot.com/2010/08/high-heel-in-haystack.html

-Jen Levinson, wife, mother of 5 and creator of Jen's List

Pregnancy had left me feeling feeling frumpy and I had basically given up on feeling good in my clothes. I thought I would be stuck wearing baggy t-shirts and sweats for at least a year! Robin came into my closet and after meticulously reviewing my things she advised me on what to keep, what to dump and which pieces go best with what to create dozens of new outfits! It's so important to feel great at the start of the day because it sets the tone for everything to come. It now takes me two minutes to get ready each morning and I always love what I seeRobin has helped me step up my style in the most productive, cost efficient and timely way. I always feel sassy, comfortable, and fresh with the latest fashions, without having to fret every morning!

-Kathy Choi, wife, soon-to-be mother of 1. 

Robin is awesome! I have recently lost 40lbs and my old clothes were both too big and completely out of style. It was very scary to start again, but Robin gave me the confidence to embrace my new body and also showed me how to buy pieces that are currently in fashion, but not a fad. Everything we bought seems timeless, yet fashionable and the best part is that she puts together the outfits so I never have to wonder what to wear, or what goes together. That, plus the look book, is worth every penny! I am excited to get dressed now and have Robin to thank.

-Jacqui Jacobs, wife and mother. 

My very thoughtful husband gave me the best birthday gift this year – a wardrobe overhaul under the guidance of a professional stylist.
Shifting from professional dress (7 years ago!) to maternity, to “getting back in shape”, to running around with 2 kids – let's just say my wardrobe was anything but current.

That's where Robin came in. We spent a total of 4 hours going through each and every item in my closet creating “keep”, “toss” & “try-on to decide” piles. Though at times humiliating – having a pro evaluate every fashion purchase made in the last decade – it was like going through my closet with my most stylish (& honest) best friend.
I now have a closet that feels like my own personal boutique. Selecting an outfit for the day (something other than workout attire) no longer feels like an impossible feat. Robin also helped out by creating outfits from my freshly culled wardrobe & snapping photos for easy reference. She also gave me a short shopping list of items needed to close the holes in my wardrobe.
As you can guess, I'm a BIG fan!

-Jeri Vick, wife and mother 

When I contacted Robin I had been in a clothing rut! No matter what I put on – I didn't feel current or stylish. I had read about Robin's services on someone's blog. I had never thought of myself as someone who could afford a stylist – or as someone who needed one for that matter but after I saw what she did for someone else's style, I was convinced that I had to reach out to her. So – I did! After just a few short hours with Robin's help my closet already looked and felt so much better. Then, after some shopping with Robin, she helped me put together outfits (and accessories) that looked exactly how I wanted to look – cute, stylish, and put-together all without looking like I was trying too hard. She took photos of the outfits which I refer to when I need a quick outfit. I can honestly say that Robin is a GREAT stylist – she is professional, hones and fun! I would hire her again in a second.

-Meghan Sachs, Disney Executive Director : Music Business & Legal Affairs 

I have been in a cycle lately where I feel like I don't have anything to wear.   I go out and buy things that end up sitting in my closet.  Robin came in and helped me break this cycle.  She helped me shed the old and outdated and showed me how to put together great outfits.   Robin gave me the tools to put myself together in a simple, stylish way. I never knew getting dressed could be so easy!

-Julia Kayton, mother of 3

Robin is a fantastic talent used to work as a fashion designer so her knowledge of fit is incredible. She came to my house and went through my closet as well as took me shopping. She loves J.Crew – she really knows how to make affordable clothes work. With one glance at my body she could tell if something would work on me or not. She'd pull something out of my closet that I just never liked, tell me to donate it and could immediately tell me why it wouldn't work...helping me to learn so I could avoid mistakes in the future. She's also a master at putting together outfits with items you've already got. I can't rave about her enough!”

-Barbara Milgram, business owner

Before Robin my closet and personal space looked more like a storage unit than the actual beautiful closet with built ins that it was when I moved into my home–clutter doesn't even begin to describe what I was facing in my bedroom and I simply couldn't find anything. Robin to the rescue! Within a few short hours I had whittled my crazy intense wardrobe into only useful and functional items and everything suddenly had a place and a purpose. I can't wait for Robin to come back!! My life has already changed from now just being able to see what I actually own. Who knew getting dressed could be so much fun when there's organization and an actual system to your life?? Robin is truly THE BEST!”

-Marni Chaikin, wife, mother and owner of Pure Barre

“My experience with Robin has been such an eye opener! She offers tremendous value and insight on how to make the most out of your wardrobe. After giving my closet a “cleanse” and helping me get rid of the stuff I never wear (and shouldn't wear) I feel like a weight has been lifted and that I have a new sense of style. Robin's design background helped tremendously as she helped alter the wardrobe I had to make it more on trend! I literally feel like I have a new wardrobe within my wardrobe. She saved me tons of money by tweaking my “potentials” that are now “must haves”!
Thank you Robin for showing me the way!!”

-Shab Azma, president Fireball Group

“I am so appreciative of Robin's expertise. She has a keen sense of fashion and ability to match current trends with your own level of style. I was stuck in a fashion rut and felt like I had a closet full of masculine, out-of-date clothing and shoes. Shopping was a challenge too, as I continued the rut and drifted towards clothing that looked the same as the pieces in my closet! Robin orchestrated a closet cleanse and reorganization that has changed my outlook on life. She helped me shop for new pieces and style them with what I already own. Since working with Robin, I have a new found fashion confidence and receive compliments all the time! I no longer have the overwhelming sense of dread getting dressed for a date night, casual get togethers with friends, the weekends, and my formal work environment. Thanks so much Robin!”

Kristin Kosinski, wife, mother and lawyer

Robin is fabulous!   Of course, up to the minute fashion-wise, but also realistic and practical.  She is very positive, easy to work with and fun.  I am getting tons of compliments on my new look.  In the long-term I feel secure that we will continue to build a versatile wardrobe so I can look my best.   I don't have to remember the outfits because she takes pictures of everything for reference.   Now I have free time and energy to devote to other endeavors rather than worrying about what to wear.   I love the efficiency and simplicity it brings to my complicated and busy life.

-Fay Kagan, wife, mother, child psychiatrist

As a public speaker and private practice clinical therapist, I need to look my best every day. The problem was I hate to shop and am not “that interested” in fashion. I did not like the way I looked or felt. Then I met Robin. I loved her style, her flair and her enthusiasm. I booked her for a Fashion Makeover. Robin shopped with me. That meant she did the shopping and I did the trying on, and she was spot-on in her choices for me. I actually had fun!  She then overhauled my closet, thank you thank you thank you. I hated my closet, my wardrobe and mostly pushed clothing into the back and wore what “matched”. Robin helped me give away all the clothing that looked terrible on me, showed me how to put together my new outfitstook photos so I would remember, and gave me the understanding so I can put together styles that look GREAT on me. I feel like a new woman. Everyone has noticed and commented on how great I look. Robin is the best, and is now my go-to stylist, with a go-to blog that keeps me up to date on what's happening in fashion. 

– Barbara Miner, PHD. 

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