• Do you have a closet full of clothes but feel you still have nothing to wear?
  • Do you shop emotionally?
  • Do you buy the same things over and over?
  • Do you find shopping in a department store intimidating?
  • Do you get frustrated because you don’t think anything looks good on your body type?


  • Begin to feel more confident and empowered by the way you dress.
  • Learn how to dress for your body type.
  • Play up your best features
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t so you never make shopping mistakes again!
  • Learn what trends work for you and which ones are a waste of money.
  • Wear pieces in multiple ways to make the most of your wardrobe.
  • Have outfits for every occasion from picking up the kids at school to date nights!
  • I will create a look book of all of the outfits we create so you never have to say I have nothing to wear again!”

Having a stylist is not just for the rich and famous. My clients range from stay-at-home moms, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, interior designers, you name it.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!



Fashion Makeover: This custom tailored package will get you started off on the right “heel” by transforming you into the most stylish and confident version of yourself.  This platinum package includes a closet edit plus personal shopping. It is the ultimate way to get out of any fashion rut! 7-hr minimum (this package is completed in 2 separate sessions)

Fashion Makeover PLUS: This has everything that the Fashion Makeover offers PLUS time for personal styling! After we edit your closet and shop for new items,  I will come over and take head-to-toe pictures of each look. I will then send you a fabulous linesheet of each look so you can reference it every time you need to get dressed. You will never find yourself feeling like you have nothing to wear ever again! 9-hr minimum (this package is completed in 3 separate sessions)

Wardrobe Overhaul: Together, we will examine your wardrobe from top to bottom. We will remove pieces that no longer work, reorganize your wardrobe and discuss how you can wear existing items in new ways that will help express and enhance your personal style. Based on your lifestyle and individual needs,  we will create a list of what items can be added to complete your wardrobe. 4-hour minimum

Personal Shopping: Together, we will find pieces and/or outfits to flatter your body, lifestyle and personality. You’ll see that shopping with me will not only save you time and money in the long run, but it’s fun and lets you be YOU!  3-hour minimum.

Online Shopping: I will shop different websites based upon your lifestyle and budgetary needs, and then compile a list of links to items that will help you round out your wardrobe. 1-hour minimum

Monthly Styling Maintenance Service:
Tailored To Fit Your Needs.
Once we have established a relationship, I will visit you monthly to review your wardrobe needs. Whether we need to build your wardrobe, create new combinations of existing items or get ready for a special event, my consistent monthly attention to you and your closet will keep your wardrobe fresh. I will also photograph all of the outfits we create together for your easy reference.
3 month contract: 4 hours per month.
6 month contract 4 hours per month.
12 month contract 4 hours per month.

A La Carte:
Pack for business trips, honeymoons and vacations.

Style for any special event including: red carpet and award ceremonies, wedding and bridal events, reunions, holiday parties and anniversaries.

**FOR INFORMATION ON PRICING AND GIFT CARDS, please email:                                                                                                              ***PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GIFT CARDS ARE GOOD FOR 6 MONTHS.*** 


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